• We are in a crime crisis and Gavin Newsom refuses to do anything because he’s in the pocket of the ACLU and George Soros, whose support he needs to run for president in 2024
  • We don’t have to choose between mass incarceration and mass crime but that means we need the Three Key P’s: more police, more probation, and more psychiatry for addicts and the mentally ill
  • Newsom and the radical Left are taking advantage of our compassion

Crime is out-of-control. California’s cities are in a crisis of chaos. The reasons are obvious. California’s cities are failing to enforce the law. Radical Left “defund the police” activists have demoralized the police. And Governor Gavin Newsom is failing to protect our children and citizens.

What is happening in our cities is immoral. Teenage girls are being raped and murdered in open drug scenes in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Open air drug markets are destroying communities of color like the Tenderloin in San Francisco and Skid Row in Los Angeles. Even suburbs and rural areas are being ruined by meth and fentanyl.

When cities fail, and when civilization is failing, it is the role of the governor to step in and take strong action. Gavin Newsom refuses to do so because he is beholden to George Soros and the ACLU, whose money he wants in order to run for president in 2024. Newsom is weak and lacks courage.

As governor, I’m going to fix this crisis. I’m going to inspire our police to start enforcing laws again. I’m going to demand that radical Left-wing District Attorneys either start doing their jobs or get removed from office. I’m going to do everything in my power to shut down the open air drug markets.

We don’t have to choose between mass incarceration and mass crime. I’m going to use the “Three Key Ps”: Policing, Psychiatry, and Probation to end crime in humane and efficient ways. Everything the radical Left has said about crime and policing is wrong.

Liberal European nations spend more money on police and have more police than we do in the U.S. Police are good. They prevent crime. I’m going to make sure that cities hire more of them, and that they are trained well, so as to prevent violence, corruption, and abuse.