• Abundant and cheap clean energy are the keys to California’s prosperity and pro-human environmentalism
  • I can end the war between city-dwellers, farmers, and environmentalists by creating water storage, water recycling, and cutting-edge desalination
  • We can protect neighborhood character and add more housing that ordinary Californians can afford by growing cities upward and outward in ways that protect the environment

Energy is life. Abundant and cheap energy means we can have abundant and cheap water. As governor I’m going to end the unnecessary war between city-dwellers, farmers, and environmentalists. With abundant energy we can create abundant fresh water through water storage, water recycling, and water desalination. We can have green lawns, water for farmers, and water for fish. I have the vision for how to do this.

I have pioneered and created a pro-human environmental movement. I am a Time Magazine “Hero of the Environment.” I won the Green Book Award. I wrote a bestselling book, translated into 17 languages, on how we can have economic growth and environmental protection. I was an advocate of renewables, and for strong action on climate change, for over 20 years. Ten years ago, I overcame my fear of nuclear power and came to see that we need nuclear energy, too, to end air pollution and carbon emissions. I spent the last six years building a global grassroots movement to keep nuclear plants around the world operating and fighting against anti-human environmentalists trying to shut them down, including here in California.

People are rapidly coming around to our vision. Europe became dependent on Russia for its energy, which allowed Putin to invade Ukraine. I warned policymakers in Europe, New York, and California that they must keep nuclear plants operating. Now, people can see that I was right. Elon Musk recently joined our movement, calling on the European governments to keep operating and even restart their nuclear plants.

As governor I’m going to keep California’s nuclear reactors operating. Governor Gavin Newsom, who owes his career to the Getty Oil fortune, is trying to replace our last nuclear plants with fossil fuels. Already Newsom and his colleagues made California’s electricity prices rise 7 times more than they did in the rest of the United States. Newsom has been causing blackouts ever since he took power in 2019. He cut in half the budget for fighting forest fires.

Why? Because he is in the pocket of Pacific Gas and Electric, and always has been. When PG&E went bankrupt due to its greed and mismanagement, Newsom used taxpayer money to bail them out.

Not me. When PG&E announced in 2016 that it would shut down California’s largest source of zero-pollution energy, Diablo Canyon nuclear plant, I stood up to them. I went into PG&E’s headquarters to protest. I would not be silenced. I fought back. And I’ve been fighting back ever since.

As governor, I’m going to reverse Newsom’s dangerous and deadly policies. I’m going to demand PG&E serve the interests of the people, not Newsom’s buddies.

As governor, I’m going to make sure California is on the cutting edge of energy, water, and the environment. I am going to build consensus through a citizens’ jury on energy and the environment, just like I will do on education. Housing also deeply divides our state and we need the thoughtful deliberation citizens’ juries provide on this key issue. We need more housing, but we also need to protect the character of our neighborhoods. All cities around the world grow the same way. All cities add taller buildings near mass transit like subway systems and buses. But they also add more housing in the suburbs. We are blessed to live in the greatest state in the greatest nation in America. We can protect the natural beauty of our state and our communities, and add more housing so young families can afford to live here and stay here.